In this Week’s Video of the Week, we catch up with Adam and Steve from Blue Line Co in their newest film targeting bass on the fly in a remote section of the river. In years past Adam has attempted to fish this section of water on foot but to no avail. With the help of kick boats, the guys motor to the mouth of the river, drop anchor, and then hike the tubes up a few miles to float back down. The goal in mind was to test some new fly patterns to some un-pressured fish and that is exactly what they got. So sit down and enjoy as the crew talks you over their new patterns and breaks down a new waterway.

Here at Blue Line, we have been tying flies for about as long as we have been fly fishing. We started tying because we had to. The lack of fly fishing shops and good bass and warm water patterns drove our passion for the vise. We found patterns from saltwater and trout fishing. We would tie bigger or smaller sizes and better colors of some popular flies. Over the years this turned into fly design. We have a different approach here at BLC on flies. Figure out what triggers fish and put those aspects into a fly design. Sometimes it’s color, sometimes shape, others its movement. We use these aspects to design flies that catch fish, not fishermen. We only sell flies that we trust ourselves and personally use in our fly boxes. Check us out here:

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