A note from Sambo:

“When people are down in Baja on the beaches, throwing flies, it seldom even occurs to them to catch, let alone see, a mahi-mahi from the shore. I always thought of them as a species that could only be caught trolling via the bait and switch. So when Jeff Fezcko, or @tothegills, yelled “dorado” on our first day of the four we had with him, I didn’t believe it. It all happened so fast.”

“He grabbed the teaser rod, and I chose my fly rig, which I felt most comfortable with that day, and we rushed to where Jeff spotted the fish destroying bait. The fish came in immediately on the first tease, but I was so nervous that I failed to present my fly correctly on the first try. The only thing going through my head was, “Do not mess this up and don’t trout set!” Next thing you know, after a lot of tears, screams, and sweat, I had the fish of a lifetime in my hands, and we had tacos de la playa!!”

Angler Story of the Week from Sambo Tiny Stoklosa, be sure to follow Sambo on Instagram at @larry_quantum.

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