From The Wild Steelhead Coalition:

In a significant development for anglers and fishing enthusiasts, the Lower Deschutes River has secured its steelhead fishing season, ensuring it will remain open until at least September 14. This positive outcome comes as the river successfully reached a crucial milestone in its carefully structured management framework.

During the period of July 1 to July 25, an impressive total of 10,809 unmarked summer steelhead made their way past Bonneville Dam, surpassing the minimum requirement of 9,900 steelhead needed in July to sustain fishing operations. This achievement has averted an early closure, which would have been enforced if the passing count fell below the specified threshold. In such a scenario, fishing on the river would have ceased on August 15.

The attainment of this key threshold is a testament to the effective management strategies implemented to protect and maintain the steelhead population in the Lower Deschutes River. Conservation efforts and responsible fishing practices have played a crucial role in ensuring the continued availability of this beloved fishing opportunity for both locals and visitors.

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