In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, AvidMax ties a swing fly that all steelheaders should carry in their bag, the Steelhead Candy Intruder.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

For those who are unaware, steelhead are anadromous rainbow trout that traditionally grow to large proportions and have left many anglers in despair. They develop a “chrome” color that completes the trifecta of beautiful, hard fighting, and large in size. Although these fish vary in size and color, anglers who fish for them often become addicted and go down the proverbial rabbit hole, which eventually leads to swinging. The Steelhead Candy Intruder is an intruder style streamer that may just tempt one of these stunning creatures to eat your fly.

Intruder style flies implement a hook shank body with an articulated hook off the rear. These flies are best swung down and across, enticing those aggressive fish each cast. Taking your time with the Steelhead Candy Intruder to ensure materials lay correctly will result in a product that may just make your day on the water. Be sure to tie in the wire carefully and strong, as a lazy tie in may result in a lost fish.

Swinging flies is typically not the most productive fishing method, but can create memories that last a lifetime. Hooking a steelhead on the swing is a moment that cannot be forgotten and often leads people down a path of no return! Enjoy tying this fly and experimenting with several color combinations. The Steelhead Candy Intruder is a tool that should be in every steelheader’s bag and swung with confidence.


  • Hook: Firehole 714
  • Shank: Firehole SS-200 2.25″(57mm)
  • Articulation: Braided Line/ Intruder Wire
  • Body:
    • Hareline Large Cactus Chenille – Hot Orange
    • Hareline Marabou Blood Quills – Hot Pink
    • Hareline Marabou Blood Quills – Black
    • Hareline Marabou Blood Quills – Blue
    • Hareline Schlappen – Black
    • Hareline Flat Diamond Braid – Silver
  • Resin: Solarez Bone Dry
  • Tail: Flashabou – Silver, Black, and Electric Blue

Now you know how to tie the Steelhead Candy Intruder!

Video and ingredients courtesy of AvidMax.


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