See something, say something is always a good idea when you spot someone else looking a little too fishy on the water, especially when you spot them carrying dozens of fish back towards their car. This is precisely what happened recently near Tippy Dam on the Manistee River in Western Michigan when a watchful angler spotted something suspicious and called in Michigan DNR to take a look. When they arrived, they found that the out-of-state group had kept dozens of fish over their limit and was using illegal tackle and methods to catch them.

According to a Michigan DNR Facebook post, “Over 460-pounds of salmon were donated to a local community following a poaching tip near Tippy Dam. Thanks to a local angler, officers discovered that a group of out-of-state individuals had been illegally fishing and using unlawful methods to haul over 50 fish.”

The recovered poached meat was donated by DNR to Manistee County families, ensuring the harvested fish did not go to waste.

Learn more about the incident from Michigan DNR, here!


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