Yesterday, the State of Alaska requested the U.S. Supreme Court vacate the Biden administration’s January 2023 rejection of the key permit for Pebble Mine–effectively killing the misconceived project. After years of public input, environmental review, extensive advocacy by both sides of Pebble, and back-and-forth the Environmental Protection Agency rejected the Pebble Mine’s Clean Water Act 404(c) permit due to the project’s “unacceptable adverse effects on salmon fishery areas in the South Fork Koktuli River, North Fork Koktuli River, and Upper Talarik Creek watersheds of Bristol Bay.”

May be an image of text that says '"The Governor is ignoring Alaskans and science with this lawsuit. And even more appalling, he is using public funds to prop up out-of-state mining executives at the expense of Alaska's salmon and all the people who rely on them. It's anti-Alaskan." Alaska Director Nelli Williams Trout Unlimited PERBLE MINE'

Alaska Governor Dunleavy, who had previously indicated legal action to push Pebble forward, had this to say: ““Our constitution is clear: Alaska is responsible for utilizing, developing, and conserving all of the State’s natural resources for the maximum benefit of its people,” Dunleavy said in a Wednesday statement. “Bureaucrats in Washington D.C. are exercising unbridled and unlawful power to choke off any further discussion on this important decision affecting so many Alaskans.”

These facts hold more true, however. Pebble Mine would be located smack in the middle of Bristol Bay’s headwaters, threatening the world’s most productive salmon fishery. Alaska has immense natural resources and, yes, it is entitled to utilize them. You’d think the State’s elected officials would understand the value in protecting the world’s most productive and sustainable resources for generations to come over the short-term benefits from a foreign owned copper and gold mine.

You can read Alaska’s brief to the U.S. Supreme Court HERE. Also, TU Alaska needs help; here is how you can help protect Bristol Bay:

“Call Governor Dunleavy! If you live in Alaska, leave a message with the Governor’s office – (907)465-3500. Tell him you support protecting Bristol Bay, are an Alaskan resident and his lawsuit undermines Alaskan interests. Please tell us if you call and leave a message so we can track the pressure the Governor is receiving!

Support our legal team! As we prepare to push back against these unwarranted legal claims, we could use your continued financial support. Your donation will go directly to our work to protect Bristol Bay and defend the good work we’ve already accomplished together.

We will keep you informed on the lawsuit and EPA’s Clean Water Act protections, as well as our work to secure permanent safeguards from large-scale mining for the watershed. Until then, please stick with us and stay tuned for the next call to action.


Nelli Williams and Trout Unlimited’s Save Bristol Bay team”

Cover picture by @FlyOutMedia

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