In this Week’s Video of the Week, we catch up with Brad Leone in his new YouTube Series Local Legends where he interviews and spends the day with unique characters from their local community. In this episode, Brad spends his day targeting sea-run brook trout with Geoff Klane. Many people wouldn’t pick Cape Cod as their trout destination but Geoff has discovered a super unique ecosystem that allows Brook Trout to run to the ocean like they did thousands of years ago. Equipped with 2 weights, little streamers, and a super tight creek Geoff and Brad set out to try and catch a few brookies. While the morning bite remained tough for the duo, Geoff introduced the concept of the fish whistle to Brad and the rest was history.

Brad Leone is a professional chef, personality, hunter, fisherman, conservationist, Dad, and most importantly a professional fun haver. This year he launched a new YouTube channel catered towards how HE wants to run things. His 2 new series; Makin it and Local Legends are instant classics that make you want to join him whether that be in the kitchen or slogging through a small creek. Check out his new YouTube Page here and make sure to follow his socials here to stay up to date. Cheers!

If you’re interested in learning more about sea-run brook trout and are looking to target trout in New England reach out to Geoff here!

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