In this Video of the Week, we catch up with Huckberry and their longtime friend, the legend himself Brad Leone. For those who don’t know who Brad is, Brad is a professional chef and YouTube personality with a love for the outdoors, unique stories, & fresh local food. In their new series, Ramble On “experimental chef and our longtime friend Brad Leone sets out to find the unique people, makers, and traditions that paint a complete portrait of lesser-known locales.” In this episode Brad and the team are in Sheridan, Wyoming chasing native cutthroat, “old school watering holes”, and the surrounding area’s history.

Huckberry is a men’s western outdoor brand. The idea for Huckberry was born on an old rickety chairlift in-between cranking out spreadsheets for 90 hours each week at their day jobs. “We chose the name Huckberry because we both loved Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and thought Huckberry was the perfect totem for the spirit of adventure we wanted our brand to embody. More practically speaking, was available on GoDaddy for $9.98 and was not.”

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