In this Week’s episode, we link up with our good friends from Fly Fish Food on their most recent short film from their trip to South America in search of the elusive Golden Dorado. “We had the opportunity to go fly fish for one of the most incredible species of fish on the planet. The vibrance of the Dorado is the reason we ventured to the Paraná River in Argentina to experience the golden treasure for ourselves. The Paraná River’s average discharge is roughly 700,000 cfs. A River this big is bound to be the home of the monster Golden Dorado. Having heard about these fish 25 years ago, we did not hold back when casting large streamers day in and day out. And in the end, it did not disappoint.” Join Curtis, Cheech, & Brig on their amazing adventure down to Argentina and maybe just maybe a Dorado or two.

Fly Fish Food has one of the most comprehensive fly-tying material selections in the country, but it came from much humbler means. Curtis and Cheech have been fishing buddies since the early 2000s and would spend long drives to great fishing locations talking about “you know what would be cool” types of scenarios.  They never could have imagined opening the shop as it is and pretty much-becoming shop rats as a career… Well, they definitely could imagine it, but it would have been a tough sell for their wives…”

This summer we visited the shop in Orem, Utah and when they say they have “the most comprehensive fly-tying material selection in the country” they aren’t kidding. Do yourself a favor and check out their website here: and make sure to follow along for the newest fly patterns and adventures. @flyfishfood

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