In this Week’s Video of the Week, we circle back on the fantastic Argentinian adventure the crew from Fly Fish Food had. From fishing the Parana, one of the world’s biggest rivers, and catching a monster Golden Dorado. The crew head 3 hours north into one of the world’s largest wetland systems. The Ibera Wetlands. Home to caiman, anacondas, capybaras, and a plethora of Golden Dorados. At twice the size of the Everglades the Ibera has so many channels, canals, coves, and everything in between for the Dorado to hide and live in. So sit down and enjoy as Cheech, Curtis, & Brig explore this amazing wetland system and catch a few Golden Dorados as well.

“Fly Fish Food has one of the most comprehensive fly-tying material selections in the country, but it came from much humbler means. Curtis and Cheech have been fishing buddies since the early 2000s and would spend long drives to great fishing locations talking about “you know what would be cool” types of scenarios.  They never could have imagined opening the shop as it is and pretty much-becoming shop rats as a career… Well, they definitely could imagine it, but it would have been a tough sell for their wives…”

This summer we visited the shop in Orem, Utah, and when they say they have “the most comprehensive fly-tying material selection in the country” they aren’t kidding. Do yourself a favor and check out their website here: and follow along for the newest fly patterns and adventures. @flyfishfood

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