In this Video of the Week, we catch up with Todd Moen and Josh Phillips. Josh Phillips played professional soccer in the MLS & USL. His journey started when he was a kid, playing youth soccer while camping and fishing on the weekends. Like every sport or passion, things start to get in the way whether you like it or not. Through great friends and true passion sit back and watch Josh tell his incredible story with a bit of some fantastic fishing mixed in.

Josh Phillips is the proud owner of Spawn Fly Fish located in Ilwaco, Washington. With a focus on the pacific northwest more specifically the greater Puget Sound area, Josh and his team have really honed in their craft and business to cater towards that unique fishery. On top of being a fantastic fly tier, Josh has also created their own line of “Spawn Products”. From their famous Spawn Fly Heads to their jig shanks and dubbing they have you covered across the board. Check out his site here:

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