A note from Captain Stephen Balogh:

“So many things came together to create an incredible early summer mayfly hatch on the White River. For a month, we could go out, find big fish, present them a fly, and let them go unharmed. Sometimes, we would see pods of 20 to 30 fish in the 20+ inch mark all gulping in the same hole, over the same grass, or in the same eddy. It was so fun that we would go out after we dropped clients off and play “dry fly baseball…” 3 misses and you’re out.”

When sight fishing bigger fish, key things to focus on are:

1. Good presentation. They didn’t get big being dumb. Get a perfect drift, directly in the line they’re rising in. Sometimes, especially after they have been fished to for a while, if your fly is 6” off their feeding lane they won’t eat.

2. Cycle through flies. If you run your fly over them a couple times and they don’t eat, try changing flies… size, profile, color.

3. Pick your fish. Bird hunters can relate to this one… you don’t just shoot into the flock. Find your fish, and fish to THAT fish.

This week’s Reel of the Week from Captain Stephen Balogh. Find him on Instagram at @guidenotgod. 

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