In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, InTheRiffle ties the Gotcha Bonefish Fly, a saltwater bonefish pattern that is a consistent producer for these flats ghosts.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Easy

With cold weather rolling in and many regulations ending the fishing season, it is time to think of our saltwater friends. For new saltwater anglers, bonefish are a fantastic species to target. Although they can be very picky at times, the sight fishing aspect of hunting these fish make for an exhilarating take of the fly. Small shrimp style flies have traditionally been the key for catching these silver bullets and the Gotcha Bonefish Fly has been a staple for years.

In terms of tying, many bonefish flies are simple and manageable for tyers of any level. Using only a few materials for the entire fly, it is important that your craft fur lays perfect to keep that shrimp profile. As with many saltwater species, bonefish are predatory and will chase down the Gotcha Bonefish Fly if presented well. If planning to transition from trout fishing into the saltwater game during the winters, bonefish are the perfect species to become addicted to.

Whether doing a trip to a lodge or a DIY trip, having an assortment of different Gotcha Bonefish Fly patterns in your box will get the job done for the majority of your bonefishing. Pairing this box with some crab flies and other shrimp patterns definitely will be a sufficient start to the saltwater game. When the cold weather rolls around, I always try to put my mind someplace warmer where the fishing is hot and the Gotcha Bonefish Fly is that perfect escape!


  • Hook: #02-08 Tiemco 811s
  • Thread: Pink UTC 140
  • Eyes: Medium Silver Beadchain Eyes
  • Tail: Pearl Minnow Body
  • Body: Pearl Flat Diamond Braid
  • Wing: Tan Craft Fur
  • Flash: Pearl Crystal Flash

Now you know how to tie the Gotcha Bonefish Fly!

Video and ingredients courtesy of InTheRiffle.


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