In this week’s Video of the Week, we catch up with the guys from The Fly Project on their newest short film “El Toro”. El Toro is a story about chasing Montana’s largest native predator fish species; The Bull Trout. They have been protected in Montana since 1998 under The Endangered Species Act. There are only a few rivers that you can target them legally. This is where our story starts, a clear clean watershed with little to no pressure and the chance at a mondo of a bull trout. So sit down and enjoy as Jay, Noah, Nick, and Scott pack up the rafts and head into the unknown.

Who is The Fly Project you may ask? “We set out to build a fly-fishing company that fits our life, and our friend’s lives, in the way we see fly fishing. We’ve been attempting to express what makes fly fishing cool to us; travel, creativity, freedom to roam, road trips, late nights, early mornings, gas station cheeseburgers, and being wild. We design our products to take us there. We think and fish differently. We believe fly fishing is for everyone. We believe it should be affordable, and fun, and success should be attainable. It’s not just for trout or expensive saltwater destinations. Any fish that swims in or near your neighborhood can be fair game. We think that all anglers should pick up a fly rod, whether it becomes their primary fishing means or not.”

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