In this Video of the Week, we catch up with Jonny Brooks an Australian conventional fisherman and youtube personality who has started to pick up the fly rod again. As Brooksy has begun to unearth and discover more of his local fishing zones he started chasing multitudes of different fish species. Still, his primary focus is GTs or Giant Trevallys. While the GTs aren’t cooperating there are lots of unique and fantastic game fish to target in the bountiful east Australian waters. But one fish has started to create an obsession for him. The Blackspot Tuskfish or better known as a “Tusky” is a flats dwelling fish that is incredibly powerful, colorful beyond imagination, and has a face only a mother could love. So sit down and enjoy as Brooksy reignites his love for fly fishing and targets these Tuskys on the fly.

With the help from the guys over at Manic Tackle Project Brooksy got the perfect setup to target a wide variety of inshore species on the fly. Be sure to check them out here as well as follow Brooksy’s adventures here.

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