In this Video of the Week, we catch up with Jeff Parks from The New Fly Fisher in their most recent short film targeting brook trout on Lake Nipigon. With the help of Tyler Dunn the crew explores this world-famous lake and its monster brook trout. “The New Fly Fisher is designed to be a truly educational and instructional experience. Our total focus is to help all anglers, whether veteran or novice, learn more about fly fishing. From Destinations to Fly Fishing Tips & Techniques, this channel will help you learn more about fly fishing. Our goal is always the same: to be your ultimate source for all things fly fishing!”

Back in 2020 Three of our favorite content producers joined forces to expand their content distribution and bring their already high-production-value even higher. We’re huge fans of everything Tim Flaglerthe Jensens, and the New Fly Fisher produce. Make sure to check out their content for all of your Fly Fishing needs.

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Tightline Productions, Jensen Fly Fishing and the New Fly Fisher Merge




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