In this Video of the Week, we catch up with the team from the Hermit Company on their annual trip to the Fjells of Scandinavia. Their pursuit of Arctic Char has been a 4-year journey. In their past 3 trips, the char have given them a very difficult time but the boys will not give up easily. From building their own tents, tying their own flies, and even building their own bamboo rods the Hermit Boys leave it all on the field chasing the elusive Arctic Char.

The “Hermit Boys” consisting of 4 good buddies; Lars Busekist, Juho Itakyla, Joonas Knuutinen, & Robin Falck simply love fly fishing. “They realized that life by and in the river is all they’ll ever need. Joined by a shared love for fly fishing, the great outdoors and good country music brought these would-like-to-be outlaws together. They founded Hermit as a platform to express their values and stories to fellow anglers. Their goal is to entertain, help and educate.” Make sure to check out their website and products here and follow their adventures here.

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