In this Video of the Week, we catch up with Hooke in their most recent film following Geneviève Lavoie and Juliette Larocque in their newest series “Guided by Passion”. Genevieve is an author and founder of the survival blog, “La Vivaliste“. She encourages women not to be afraid to challenge themselves on a spiritual and physical level. Self-taught, she specializes in plant knowledge, tracking, and living in all possible situations. Watch her complete adventure with Juliette on their latest expedition, where they exchange knowledge and learn about the fauna and flora of the Outaouais.

“Born on the banks of the Restigouche River in 2012, Hooké is a Quebec brand whose mission is to promote outdoor living, sustainable fishing, and conscious hunting. Through our photos, videos and design, we share our vision that inspires a growing community of adventure enthusiasts to explore, protect and better understand nature and its fragility. Our products, manufactured in an ecological and responsible way, combine comfort, style, and quality to meet the needs of this community that shares our passion for the outdoors and its way of life.”

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