A quick note from Rooster at Stonefly Outfitters:

A quick word to everyone that is here to fly fish in Montana:

“Historically the second week of June is arguably some of the best fishing of our season. As if life isn’t just quite hard enough these days with record high fuel prices, impending recessions and global unrest – we get dealt a late spring flood situation of epic proportions. 

There are still a few rivers clear enough to throw a fly; however, you will have plenty of company. Expect it. Embrace it. Be patient with other anglers and guides. This includes the rookie guides as well as the seasoned veterans. We’re all there for the same reason – to have fun. 

When we caught fish yesterday, there were 18 other anglers within sight. Everyone cheered. I was pleasantly surprised at the smiles and general attitudes of everyone I saw on the Beaverhead yesterday. I tip my hat to you all. 

We are going to have several more days of more crowded than usual fishing. Let’s all keep the good attitudes and help one another out where we can. Things could be an awful lot worse than they actually are. 

If you must fish a crowded tailwater, remember no to be a dick, to anyone. It’ll pay off – eventually. 

Cheers to the hardworking guides in Southwest Montana. And to trout. They are survivors, much like us. Let’s all be thankful we can at least go to work today.”

Dan “Rooster” Leavens is a well known guide around Montana, owning Stonefly Outiftters in Twin Bridges Montana.

Check out the article below to donate for the devastating Montana Floods:

Montana Flood Relief Fundraiser: #fliesforfloodrelief


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