Montana Flood Relief Program

While Montana has experienced record flows on major freestone river fisheries, we spoke more about the relief program Josh Mills is running and what donations people can contribute to support this cause. Mills has organized relief programs as well as fundraisers for past disasters like the Oregon fires, Australian wildfires, and has contributed to programs like the Wild Steelhead Coalition. This is a great program to raise money for the people that have been involved in the flooding by using the hashtag #fliesforfloodrelief

How can you support, and join #fliesforfloodrelief?

  1. Determine your offering (whether this is a dozen of your favorite hand-tied flies, gift cards, guide trips, or cash donation in support of the flood relief)
  2. Host the auction on your Instagram page
  3. Tell us your “why” you’re supporting this cause
  4. Set an opening bid
  5. Set the end date/max 7 days from when you start
  6. Mention your charity in the post (Guide Relief Program click here, more donation links below)
  7. Get excited, and invite others to use #fliesforfloodrelief

Photo accessed from the National Parks Service.

Where can you send your donation?

You can personally send your donation to the Guide Relief Program, or other donations with the links provided below. The Guide Relief program was created during the global COVID-19 crisis to support fishing guides, fly and conventional, by providing critical information and resources regarding unemployment, grants and loans, and financial relief. In doing so, the Guide Relief Program realized there was no social safety net in place for guides. The Guide Relief Program will continue working to ensure a better future for fishing guides throughout the nation, by supporting them on and off the water. While the Guide Relief Program assists in financial support, the program also specializes in immediate mental health and well-being support.

You can donate to the Guide Relief Program by clicking here. Or, If you prefer to send cash or a check to the Guide Relief Program you can mail it to:

Guide Relief Program, P.O. Box 6535 Bozeman, MT 59771

Other donation services

  1. Red Lodge Area Community Foundation 
  2. Southwest Montana Flood Relief Fund
  3. Montana Red Cross 

 **These donations are tax deductible** 

Active Auctions in place with #fliesforfloodrelief

A brief note from Simms Fishing Products

“To all the communities affected by the recent flooding, our thoughts are with you. Moving forward, there will be both short and long term opportunities to help our neighbors across Montana” says Diane Bristol of Simms. “Throughout the coming weeks, Simms will be working towards finding the most effective ways to ensure that support has a clear path to the people that need it most.”

This story is developing and will be updated as news is released. 


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