A note from Logan Landry:

“So as the story goes it was my last day in Norway, I was invited up on an annual trip to the river with the NAM family.
Photo from Nam Products.
The roster of anglers included Mikael Andersson, Tommy Aarkvisla, Mikael Osterberg, Marcus Bohlin, Christer Andersson, Lars Turbo Litzell, and Lars Lee Pettersson.
This group of guys was the all-star team of European Salmon angling. I was the younger brother trying to nudge my way into the pack. It seemed as if my luck was not going to have it as I seemed to be always behind the guy getting the fish.
Photo from Nam Products.

On the last day of my last pass, I finally had a fish take my fly. My Hardy Perfect that I was so proud of and the guys who have made fun of this whole trip start screaming like a banshee. I back up onto the bank and start palming the fish I have done many times at home. The key difference being, this is as fresh as it gets Norwegian spring salmon in heavy water. After a few runs to the backing, my reel handle smashes my hand and the center pin of my Hardy Perfect snaps clean off.

Photo by Logan Landry.

Well that’s it I think it’s over, as my spool rolls by my feet. Tommy looks at me and says “don’t move,” as I look over my shoulder and see Lars running to the truck.

Photo by Logan Landry.

Lars returns with his reel with just a shooting line on it and we proceed to connect my shooting line to his, then I drop the frame of my reel off my rod like a used cartridge and we snap on a sealed drag reel.

Logan Landry hooked up with Norwegian Salmon.
I can only imagine this looked like some sort of clown circus act, which embodied a true team effort. We ended up getting the fish in the net, and under 17 min it swam off perfectly and undisturbed. 

I can honestly say I will not be trying to look like some salmon-angling hipster on my next trip. When guys of this caliber tell you something, listen. This wasn’t the biggest fish but the story will never be forgotten. I can’t say thank you enough to Lars and Tommy for helping me with this fish. Their experience and expertise got the job done.”

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