From Far Bank:

Far Bank is excited to announce the launch of the second season of its “Far Bank Fly Fishing School” video series. The series continues to be hosted by Far Bank’s Education and Engagement Manager, and well-known fly casting instructor, Simon Gawesworth. 

Season 2 consists of 6 episodes concentrating on the intermediate level fly fisher and digs deep into the nuances and subtleties of the topics covered. Each video in this series has been written and filmed with the singular goal of helping anglers get better at fly fishing for trout in a river– whether learning essential new casts that open up more water to the angler, learning to read the river and find fish, or mastering the essential fly fishing skills needed to be a successful river angler.

Simon’s laid-back, relaxed, and personable teaching technique makes it easy to connect with him, and the highly informative on-the-water tips, techniques, and in-depth studio analysis result in an exceptionally well-produced, highly entertaining, and informative educational video series that is a joy to watch. Fly fishers of all abilities and experiences will greatly benefit from watching this Far Bank Fly Fishing School series.

Episode 7: “How To Fish A Dry Fly” Episode 10: “How To Fish Soft Hackles”

Episode 8: “How To Fish Streamers” Episode 11: “Essential River Casts”

Episode 9: “How To Fish Nymphs” Episode 12: “Fly Fishing In Small Creeks”

Check out the complete series from Far Bank by clicking HERE.

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About Far Bank:

We are anglers and adventurers with a shared mission to deliver outstanding products and extraordinary experiences to our vibrant fly fishing community through our brands (Sage Fly Fishing, Redington, RIO Products, and Fly Water Travel), education, and conservation initiatives. For more information about Far Bank please visit”


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