Happy New Years Folks, in this Special Video of the Week we are gifted one of the most unique stories about life, fly fishing, & adventure from our friends Chase and Aimee Bartee of Tight Loops. Where to start; the story, the emotion, the narration, the cinematography. Tight Loops encapsulates a feeling with this film seldom to none. It’s rare in this world of readily available cameras and content that something feels fresh and new, yet comforting and quaint. Chase and Aimee created more than just a film here, It’s a graphic novel, a story of the Wild West that invokes a sense of adventure far beyond that of your daily fly fishing video. So sit back and enjoy this amazing piece of cinematography.

Chase and Aimee travel to the heart of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula in search of one of the rarest trout on earth. “Mexico isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of fly fishing for trout, but tucked away deep in the mountains is a rarely seen secret, wild native rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss nelsoni AKA Nelson’s Trout). With the help of our new Toyota Tundra and Four Wheel Camper combo, we traverse northern and southern Baja from the mountains to the sea in search of this elusive fish. We delve deep into the science, ecology, and history of the region, and discover that Baja has far more to offer than scorching deserts and quiet surfing beaches.” If you aren’t already, check out their website below for all their work. And if you haven’t seen their new film “Hope and High Water” with Wild Fly Productions we highly recommend you do.


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