The Grayling stands out as one of nature’s most captivating aquatic beings. Thriving in the pristine waters of high-mountain alpine wilderness, this freshwater species gracefully traverses regions spanning Europe, Alaska, and parts of the Rocky Mountains, demanding the embrace of icy-cold waters. A living relic from the Ice Age, this ancient fish ranks among the oldest species, boasting an impressive lifespan of up to 32 years. Despite their beauty, there are growing concerns that Grayling may be on a precarious path towards extinction.

Recently, an ecologist and wildlife biologist named George Wuerthner published a report in The Wildlife News in December. The report details his findings in Montana, where several biologists from the Montana Department of Fish exhibited minimal concern regarding Grayling. Wuerthner voiced his concerns about issues related to livestock in the region.

To read the full report, be sure to click HERE. 

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