In December, Ross Reels unveiled the revamped Cimarron Reel, a classic reintroduction from its original debut in the 1980s, marking a significant milestone within the esteemed Ross brand.

Priced at $295, the Cimarron Reel stands out as the first American-made fly reel available for under $300. This affordable option doesn’t compromise on quality, featuring a top-tier drag system inspired by the renowned Animas reel. The reel boasts an anodized frame and spool, coupled with a premium textured cerakote drag knob, ensuring not only convenient adjustments but also remarkable durability against accidental drops and minor impacts.

To delve deeper into the re-introduction and explore the intricacies of the all-new Cimarron Reel, we had the privilege of connecting with Brody West (@brody_west1), Ross Sales & Service Manager.

Flylords: Why was the Cimarron Reel produced?

West: The Cimarron Reel was designed with the hard-core angler in mind. We aimed to introduce a reel to the market that could withstand the everyday wear and tear experienced by professional fishing guides. Simultaneously, we strived to achieve a competitive price point of $295. Achieving the feat of offering a high-quality reel at this price, while also being made in the USA, was a significant accomplishment that we knew would satisfy the majority of anglers.

Flylords: Is this reel fully machined or cast?

West: The Cimarron Reel is 100% machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum right here in Montrose, Colorado USA.

Flylords: What is the drag knob made of?

West: The drag knob for the Cimarron reel is composed of a uniquely crafted Cerakote ceramic coating over a durable nylon knob. This distinctive combination of materials, coupled with a groove and ridge design, offers incredible grip and durability.

Flylords: What type of fishing is this reel perfect for?

West: This is the perfect reel for freshwater applications, suitable for anything from trout fishing in Western Colorado to bass fishing in Central Michigan. It is currently available in two sizes, 4/5 and 5/6, and comes in two colors: Matte Black and Matte Olive.

Be sure to check out the all-new Cimarron Reel from Ross HERE. Offered in two different colorways, Matte Black & Olive, and two models, 4/5 weight or 5/6 weight options. 

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  1. Is the US manufacturing really exponentially more expensive than anywhere else on Earth? A comparable real costs 30 to 50$ made outside the US.


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