During last week’s AFFTA Confluence Trade show in Salt Lake City, The Drake Magazine revealed the 2023 fly fishing film award results. With profound gratitude, Flylords humbly accepts the distinguished awards for Best Story and Movie of the Year. Our sincere congratulations go out to every filmmaker who contributed their artistry to this incredible showcase of fly fishing passion.

We would also like to take a moment to acknowledge the exceptional talent and unwavering dedication of our entire creative team, content creators, and our invaluable brand partnerships team, all of whom played an instrumental role in bringing “After You’ve Gone” to life. These combined efforts truly made this achievement possible.

Check out all the award-winning films below!

Best Short Film

Best Saltwater Film

Best Freshwater Film

Best Cinematography Film

Best Story

Best Conservation Film

Movie of the Half-Decade

Movie of the Year

Best Short Film of 2023: “My Dream”

Best Saltwater Film of 2023: “Jacks” 

Best Freshwater Film of 2023: “Bleed Water”

Best Cinematography Film of 2023: “4 Of A Kind”

Best Story of 2023: “After You’ve Gone”

Best Conservation Film of 2023: “Tom”

Movie of the half-decade: “A Thousand Casts”

Movie of the Year: “After You’ve Gone”

2023 Behind the Lens: “After You’ve Gone”

Interested in learning more about a few of these films? Our content writers got the chance to interview each F3T filmmaker to share the “behind the scenes” of each film through the Fly Fishing Film Tour.

Be sure to check out the Flylords installment of Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T), “Behind The Lens” by clicking HERE! Stay tuned for full-releases of these films!

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