Simms & KGB Productions Release “Bleed Water” Full Film


Featured in the 2023 Fly Fishing Film Tour, “Bleed Water” explores trout fishing in New England, where Chris Kitchen (@kgbproductions) follows the Harrison Brothers around their guiding on the east coast. New England is not widely known for its trout or river fisheries, but Dan and Tom Harrison have developed quite the reputable operation up there with their dedicated, hard-core approach to guiding.

Be sure to check out the full interview with KGB Productions here!

From KGB Productions:

“I first heard of the Harrison Brothers through Rex at Simms and I was fascinated with the fact that these guys fish all over the world and came back to fish and guide in western Mass. I actually grew up in Mass and had no idea that this fishery even existed, so that was intriguing to me, as was doing a trout film in New England. It seems like that part of the world often gets overlooked although it’s got a huge fly fishing community base and in many ways it’s where fly fishing kind of originated in the United States. There’s so much history there, and it’s great to get some recognition. Once I started talking with Dan and Tom and heard about their passion for finding and discovering new fisheries and running new and different rivers, I was very intrigued and knew we had a good story.”

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