In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Marcus Hermansson-Thorvald joins Ahrex Hooks to demonstrate how to tie a fly that every pike angler should carry in their box this fall, the Easy Piecy Pike Fly.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

On the East Coast, the fall brings many exciting opportunities for anglers. From landlocked salmon to striped bass, things start to heat up as the water temperatures drop back into the ideal slot. Although salmon and striped bass are fantastic species to catch, pike should be on every anglers mind during this season. Designed to hunt and kill, pike are an incredible species to target on the fly and the Easy Piecy Pike Fly is one tool for getting the job done.

Bucktail can be a frustrating material to tie with, especially for novice tyers, but working with it will only increase your skills on the vise. Building the body with a combination of flash and bucktail allows this fly to swim through the water with grace, and the dubbing head causes a disturbance that pike love to investigate. The Easy Piecy Pike Fly is a pattern that will increase your tying capabilities on the vise and trigger that aggressive strike from predators.

Whether for pike or other predatory species, this fly will simply produce. Often, pike fishing will call for heavier gear, so make sure you are prepared for when you leave for the water with 8-10wt rods and various line setups. Pike are tricky to figure out, but the bite makes it all worth the time. The Easy Piecy Pike Fly is one pattern every pike angler should carry in their box to increase their chances at getting a grab this fall.


Now you know how to tie the Easy Piecy Pike Fly!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Ahrex Hooks.


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