A note from Bentley Faulkner:

An out of the box idea that started months prior, came together at the beginning of 2023. One of my best friends Benny Gregg and I had been kicking around the idea of a multi-state road trip and put our respective home waters to the test.

Our trip started on the eastern coastline of North Carolina stalking redfish in gin clear water. We took advantage of the warm, windless days and got on some schooling redfish early. Benny was able to knock sight fishing a red off his bucket list. From there we teamed up with my buddy Timmy and really dialed the fish in. Over the next 6 days we landed 15+ Reds in schools as big as 100.

Flash forward, a few days later we stalked massive rainbows in the spring creeks coming out of the Shenandoah Valley, VA. Water levels were up and a winter warm front pushed into the Shenandoah providing a window into some serious streamer fishing.

Our good friend Drew Sorrells had a feeling all week that the streamer bite would be on. Benny who swears by nymph fishing, respectively put down the euro set up, and started chucking streamers. Not to say nymphs weren’t also doing their thing, we were also convinced these bigger migrational trout were going to be looking for a big fly with the current water levels and the weather patterns. All in all, it seemed to pay off. With the two largest trout of the week being caught on olive and copper streamers, a male rainbow at 24” and a female rainbow at 22 inches.”

Angler Story of the Week from Bentley Faulkner. Check out Bentley and his fishing endeavors on Instagram @bentley_faulkner, and his buddies Drew and Benny. If you’re going on a rad fly fishing trip and want to pitch us an article for the Angler Story of the Week segment, send us an email at nelson@theflylords.com and content@theflylords.com. 

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