A note from Alec Lucas:

“Our season here at Los Locos had just ended and I went out on the boat with one of our captains Tacone for one last day to pull on some marlin. With the winds down and the conditions lining up to be perfect, why wouldn’t we!

As we got to the zone sure enough it was epic chaos. Birds on top of bait balls and a large number of Marlin crashing underneath. It was go time, we cranked some music and began working the bait balls. It was Tacone’s first time fly fishing and he had wanted to hook a marlin on the fly all season. 


Catching Marlin on the fly with Alec Lucas, @fish_a_day at @loslocosmagbay. #flylords #flyfishing #saltwater #fyp #saltwaterflyfishing

♬ 2am – Slightly Stoopid

Watching the joy across his face when he hooked his first one was the best part. We continued switching off driving the boat and casting to fish jumping and shouting with excitement. It really is something that never gets old. Pulling on these fish with a fly is something I hope every angler gets to experience.”

Reel of the Week from Alec Lucas, find him on Instagram @fish_a_day. Check out Los Logos Mag Bay Adventures @loslocosmagbay. 

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