A note from Dan Towsley:

“It happens unexpectedly.

Fishing season is punctuated by exploratory missions on new water and pilgrimages to favorite places.

Once every season it happens. In the quiet morning shadows, you are suddenly struck with the realization that today is the best fishing day of your season.

Then you savor every moment. The smell of cut hay. The click-click of cicadas in the bushes. The living colors of the streambed. The way your friend’s fly plops over the dark shadow a few inches from swaying grass.

This day will be one that I remember when I’m an old man. The fish crushed cicada patterns (and virtually anything else) with reckless abandon.

We lost as many giants as we landed, but always with joy in the gift we had been given.”

For more small creek monsters, check out the article below:

Freestone Streams vs. Spring Creeks: What Are Trout Eating?


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