In this Video of the Week, we catch up with our close friends over at Costa Sunglasses in their newest short film “The Costa Marlin Fly Project“. Costa’s Marlin Fly Project is the first multi-partner program of its kind to better understand one of the most incredible Striped Marlin fisheries in the world – by tagging billfish on the fly in Magdalena Bay, Mexico. Costa has spent the past forty years carrying out its ‘higher calling’ to conserve the watery world and the people that call it home. The Marlin Fly Project is an extension of that ongoing commitment. In addition to an unforgettable angling and field science mission, the goal of the Marlin Fly Project was to engage with the local community and leave a lasting impact.

Southwestern Baja, Mexico is full of authentic culture and community, built alongside an untamed ecosystem that, for 3-4 months a year, features one of the most incredible striped marlin populations on the planet. Striped marlin has a brief history of minimal scientific research – making them one of the least understood billfish species – especially in this region of the globe, where they are the star of the show for ecotourism. Together with the help of Costa Pros, conservation partners, leading fisheries scientists, the Los Locos Mag Bay staff, local captains, and the community of San Carlos, Mexico, the inaugural Marlin Fly Project made history.

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