In this video of the week, we catch up with Renegade Fly Rods in their newest short film Shape Shifters. Shape Shifters follows Ryan Gallagher and Nate Holmes who share their love for striped bass and their approach to the 11th annual Cheeky Schoolie Tournament. This Massachusetts-based tournament brings anglers from all across the US and abroad to chase after Striped Bass. From the inlets and jetties to the bays and flats of the inner coast Atlantic enjoy as a story is told of two different anglers from two different backgrounds with the same drive to chase Striped Bass from sunup to sundown.

Renegade Fly Rods is a collective that grew out of a group of avid, hardcore fly anglers, that lead in a new direction and show us there isn’t only one way to do this. This collective rises in the darkness and finishes in the darkness no matter the weather or the day of the week. No fence is too high and no water is too hard to get to.

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