Wavy guitar licks and Western River trout fishing… name a better combination.

In this refreshing video short, we offer you a moment to decompress and listen to some words about casting a line with the newest icons in the indie-rock scene: The Futurebirds.

From the film’s creators:

Music and Fly Fishing are both catalysts to escape from the grind of everyday life. More often than not, a trip to the river begins with one CD or Playlist that, both mentally and emotionally, transports the angler to a different headspace. It’s a chance to sonically relate your mind with roads, rivers, trails – even specific temperatures and familiar scents. The excitement of adventure is enhanced by lingering guitar arrangements or the “tick-tick–tack” cadence of a funky percussion score that carries the angler to their destination. If you’re in a band, those sonic gifts to the angler are somewhat commonplace. Thus, musicians need an escape just the same. Learning to live on the road with a crew of other people can be all-consuming. Fly Fishing can, in this case, become that escape from being the provider of the music. The indie-pop-toting, ever-growing act “Futurebirds” gives us a little glimpse into how these communities are intertwined in more ways than one.

About the Band:

If you’ve been paying any semblance of attention to the indie/alt-rock music scene over the last 5 years, you’ve most likely noticed the irresistibly catchy sound of none other than the music group: “The Futurebirds”. The band’s sound can be described as an amalgamation of psych rock, fused with the classic dirty-strat and raspy vocals that the indie genre was built on. Over the years, The Futurebirds have slowly crept through the ranks of Spotify and other music streaming services with albums such as “Hampton’s Lullaby” (2010), “Baby Yaga” (2013), and “Hotel Party” (2015), each album boasting hits such as “Johnny Utah“, “Virginia Slims“, and most notably, the bands most considerable commercial success to date: “Rodeo” (Track 6, below).

Come, early 2020, as the band’s success begins to become more widespread and their “indie” sound is adopted by a wider audience, they released their album “Teamwork“, which featured their next hit song, “Trippin’“. With all their success, the band has managed to remain true to its roots and is currently in the middle of a domestic tour, which will stem into November.

Production credits:

Film: Charles Warren, Nic Adams, Owen Bailey
Edit & Production: Charles Warren (Wood Valley Travel & Media)
Special Thanks: Futurebirds, Red Light Management, Chris Hudson Art, Sierra Nevada, Teton Gravity Research, Howler Brothers
futurebirds logo



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