In this Video of the Week take a closer look at the newest episode of FlyManiacs from Vision Fly Fishing. Nicklaus Bauer and Paolo Pacchiarini head to Camp Halibut in Soroya Northern Norway. Halibut on the fly is a very new idea in the world of fly fishing. “Prior to this week, even the camp Halibut’s seasoned hosts, who are truly experienced in halibut fishing, doubted the effectiveness of using a fly for halibut. However, as you’ll see from this video, the power of fly fishing proved to be astonishing. We won’t spoil any more here; enjoy this epic almost one-hour journey to the shores of Northern Norway, to the realm of huge halibut.”

Vision Fly Fishing is a Finnish-based fly fishing brand creating unique rods, reels, fly lines, and more. “In 1997 we shy Finns had mustered up courage and started doing things our own way. That was the day when our story started. Since 1997 we have pushed further in our own way. We have asked people to #JoinTheCult with us and after 25 years we feel that there was always a need and demand for one Kellokoski-based passion project.”

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