In this Video of the Week, we catch up with our good friend Eric Estrada in his newest short-form video showcasing his fly fishing trip to Georgia chasing trout and fun overlanding routes. Eric links up with his good buddy Travis Duff who knows the back roads well from years guiding in the Georgia mountains. With weather changes, car issues, and scheduling issues the crew went from 4 vehicles to one but the mission stayed the same; To explore the beautiful surrounding Georgia Mountains and catch a fish or two. So sit down and enjoy some fantastic storytelling, great people, and a few fish.

Eric Estrada is an artist, musician, fisherman, and father based out of Miami, Florida. Whether it be Largemouth Bass, Peacock Bass, Snook, Tarpon, and whatever else you can find in these unique Floridian canals Eric will chase them. He also creates incredible fishing-based art pieces. Check them out here: @estrada_art.

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