Trout have inspired artists for time immemorial with their seemingly endless color palette, graceful lines, and mysterious attitudes. Whether the artist is capturing the image of a trout or the experience of fishing, the results are stunning when put to paper, canvas, blown glass, ceramics, or whatever medium an artist chooses. As a part of this year’s Trout Week in partnership with Trout Unlimited, we thought we’d share our favorite interviews with fly fishing artists from over the years!

Trout Week Featured Artist: Paul Puckett

Artist Spotlight: Tim Johnson

Artist Spotlight: Piper Nunn

Faces of Fly Fishing: Derek DeYoung

Artist Spotlight: Joe Mangiafico

Artist Spotlight: Remington Robinson

Artist Spotlight: Rachel Lubarski

Artist Spotlight: Sarah Landstrom

Artist Spotlight: Andrea Larko

Artist Spotlight: George Hill

Artist Spotlight: Shelly Marshall

Artist Spotlight: Dan Burr

Artist Spotlight: Ed Anderson

Artist Spotlight: Casey Underwood

Read more interviews with talented fly-fishing artists, here!



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