The New Outdoor – Urban Fishing with TOPO designs Co-Founder Jedd Rose

Growing up in Wyoming, Jedd Rose is no stranger to the outdoors. Integrating the outdoors into everyday life is seamless in a setting such as that, with big landscapes and mountains rising in the background. This place inspired Jedd as he set off to help found Topo Outdoors from a sewing machine in the basement of his Fort Collins home.

This background is the foundation for The New Outdoor. The New Outdoor is an idea that expands the idea of being outdoors. One is not encumbered by the traditional ways of thinking about going to faraway places but encourages us to look for outdoor opportunities in our own backyard.

Jedd has found this opportunity in his own backyard of Fort Collins, where there are little pockets of natural space tucked into the urban environment. He has become a master of the local ponds surrounding his home, filled with everything from small panfish to large grass carp.


This knowledge has been passed down to his son who can now experience his home in a new way because of the experiences he has with his dad outdoors. This is not something they have to drive hours for, but a quick bike ride down the street. This is what we see as the future of introducing people to the outdoors, by dropping the barrier to entry and bringing it into everyday life.

If you would like to learn more about The New Outdoor, click HERE. You can also learn more in the film HERE.


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