A note from Francois Botha:

“Rays are the cause of much excitement around here. The guides immediately perk up and focus on a stingray when they come across one. “Empty Uber” is what they say when they see a ray without a fish on it. All around the globe, stingrays play an important role with many of the game fish we seek. From kingfish in New Zealand, GTs in the Seychelles to Permit in Ascension Bay, you know that when there is a ray about, there is a chance for something special. Moreover, predatory fish appear to be more aggressive around rays. Permit will swim right above the ray while it slowly cruises along a flat, and when it stops to ‘mud’ or dig around the bottom, the permit will start circling the perimeter with a watchful eye for any prey that is trying to escape the scene.”

Reel of the Week from Francois Botha, be sure to check out Francois Instagram at @franbo_fly_fishing. Video from The Palometa Club. 

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