In the latest edition of the Explore Oregon Podcast, Zach delves into a groundbreaking billion-dollar initiative that introduces unconventional methods – dubbed “fish taxis” and “fish Disney Worlds” – to safeguard endangered spring chinook in the Upper Willamette Basin. This ambitious plan revolves around transporting salmon via colossal trucks, circumventing dams, and granting them access to previously inaccessible upper river areas to spawn.

The region’s iconic spring chinook population has been facing a critical threat due to the obstructive presence of dams hindering their natural migration patterns. In response to this environmental crisis, local authorities have devised an audacious strategy that involves implementing fish taxis, a term coined for large-scale fish transportation vessels designed to ferry salmon past dams.

The billion-dollar endeavor is expected to bring together a diverse coalition of environmentalists, scientists, and government agencies, all pooling resources and expertise to ensure the success of this bold rescue mission. If executed successfully, this project could mark a significant milestone in the conservation efforts of endangered species in the region.

To listen to the full podcast from Explore Oregon, click this link HERE.

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