A note from Captain Brooks Turner:

“The day couldn’t have been more perfect; clear sky and slicked-off conditions. I was bringing my boat to the mechanic at another marina when I gave in and decided to pick up my buddies. We had only a couple of eight weights with no net or trolling motor remote. Completely unprepared, we figured we had to take a look and get out on the water.

As soon as we got offshore, we could tell it was the day to be out fishing. Everything was alive. We ran to a couple of different groups of birds before we found a school of redfish on the surface, feeding happily. We cut the engine off and floated into a frenzy of redfish fish ready to play. Blane Chocklett’s big bright Game Changer fly allowed every fish in the group to see it, forcing them to compete efficiently and give us a run to double up and catch a big one.”

To check out Captain Brooks’ operation and to book a trip, check out his website here. Follow Brooks on Instagram at @captbrooksturner.

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