In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Gunnar Brammer ties a Bob Popovics inspired predator fly, the FireTiger Bulkhead.


Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

When it comes to predator flies, Bob Popovics’ patterns are some of the best out there. He undoubtedly changed the game when targeting both saltwater and freshwater species that prey on baitfish. Through many different patterns and platforms, he has inspired a generation of tyers who now produce incredibly effective variations. Gunnar Brammer is one of those tyers who continues to change the game as well with the innovation of streamer flies, which can be seen by his FireTiger Bulkhead.

Tying with bucktail is notoriously frustrating and time-consuming. Being patient and finding the right size bucktail for your size fly is extremely important. When working with bucktail, using longer hair than the fly requires and trimming the butt section is detrimental to the fly itself. The natural taper of bucktail is what makes it swim in the fluid motion it does, and cutting it down will only negatively impact that movement. Although for this pattern it does not matter as much due to building that bulkhead profile, it is a good tip to remember.

Pairing this fly with an intermediate or sink tip line may help it get down to the feeding zone. Bucktail and other naturals have an immediate tendency to want to float, and sometimes the weight of the hook just doesn’t cut it. Changing up the colors for this fly will allow you to imitate a wide variety of baitfish unique to your area. As is, this fly will entice any predator that hunts perch and result in explosive eats. The FireTiger Bulkhead is a streamer that every angler should learn to tie and implement into their predator fly arsenal.


Now you know how to tie the FireTiger Bulkhead!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Gunnar Brammer.


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