Fly Fisherman Magazine Announces New Film: “Over the Guard Rail”


Ross Purnell and the good folks at Fly Fisherman Magazine have a brand new film premiering next month called “Over the Guard Rail”. The film highlights the Susquehanna River fishery and the fun that can be had in backyard, home water fisheries.

For those local to the PA area, the film will be premiering at Tröegs Independent Brewing on the 21st of January, with proceeds from the event benefiting the Doc Fritchy Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

From Fly Fisherman Magazine:

“Over the Guardrail is a story about finding and creating adventures in your own backyard, and using time on the water to heal yourself and recharge yourself. It can be a reset button for your life. The short feature was filmed and produced by Fly Fisherman on the Susquehanna River and its tributaries, and there will be a live screening in our hometown at Tröegs Independent Brewing in Hershey, PA, on Jan 21, 2022. Widespread international release soon after that!”

“The film itself is not about fly-fishing techniques or where to fish, it is about mental healing and rejuvenation, and about an “urban escape.” There are a few bass and trout caught along the way, but basically, it’s a film about having fun in your own backyard.” – Ross Purnell – Editor, Fly Fisherman Magazine

You can buy tickets to the premiere of the film at Tröegs Independent Brewing on January 21, 2023, here!


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