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Buying gifts for your favorite angler can be challenging, so let us take the pressure off. We’ve gathered a list of 30+ gifts that are on our wishlist this giving season, as well as some items that are our favorites of shop owners and guides alike. Check out some of the awesome picks for this Holiday season below!

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Poncho Outdoors: Stuttgart Flannel 

Poncho Outdoors never ceases to amaze with their gear. Their performance flannel is medium weight, stretchy and oh so soft. With 6 different styles and a bunch of color combinations, it’s a no-brainer to add it to your arsenal of tops. With a built-in lens cloth, slit to hold your sunglasses, hidden zipper pocket and easy to open magnetic pockets – it’s like the Swiss army knife of shirts. Throw it on, hit the water, or grab a beer with friends in style with this stylish yet practical flannel.

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Flylords Swing Flies Tie Dye Tee

Everyone needs a go-to tee. Why not have one that sports your favorite fly fishing production company? Go out in style and stay trippy in our limited batch tie-dye tee with our original “Swing Flies ‘Till you Die” screen print.

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Arcade Belt: Marshwear Collab Belt

Stylish, versatile and a lifetime guarantee, this belt from Arcade and Marshwear is designed for fun and subtle fashion. Made with Repreve® Recycled Yarn, it’s a belt that’s sustainable and can be used on goings out around town or on the water. Its contoured buckle is low-profile and maximizes comfort, has great performance stretch, an easy on and off buckle system and no holes means you can customize it to fit however you’d like. With this specific limited edition model, buckle into the 4 different patterns from the Arcade x Marshwear collab to look sharp on and off the water.

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Duckworth Women’s Wool Cloud Full Zip Jacket 

This jacket from Duckworth is at the top of our list this year. Coming in four different colors (and a mens fit) this jacket is warm and fits well. A perfect layer to have on adventures or even tote it as your winter jacket for bouncing around town – it’s filled with a Merino Wool batting so it never loses its loft of insulation, and due to some kind of laboratory genius, once it gets wet, it actually gets warmer. Lightweight, water resistant shell, some of its features include a paneled hood, insulated hand pockets and two inside mesh pockets. Bonus points: It’s American Made! Chances are, once you’ve tried this jacket, you may never want another traditional down or synthetic-puff jacket again.

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Wise River Groovin’ Hat

Crafted for those who revel in sharing the rhythm. Whether you find yourself in a spontaneous jam session, preparing your raft for a leisurely afternoon float, or immersing in the euphoria of your favorite band’s performance for the fourth consecutive night (because missing a Sunday show is non-negotiable), the Groovin’ Hat is your go-to companion from our friends at Wise River. Constructed with a stretchable, water-resistant fabric, this hat boasts ripstop material, embodying the epitome of durability that you’ve longed for. Mindful of sustainability, the recycled nylon fabric is a testament to repurposing, sourced from discarded commercial fishing nets rescued from our waterways. Adorned with a chic 550 paracord, the Groovin’ Hat is tailored to seamlessly match the vibrant tempo of your dynamic lifestyle.

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Free Fly: Men’s Gridback Fleece Jacket

I swear Fishermen can never have enough layers, whether it’s rain gear, base layers, or even specific fishing boxers, sometimes we can get superstitious with what we wear while on the water. However, if there’s one piece to grab this holiday season, take a look at the Gridback Fleece from Free Fly Apparel. While the inner feels like slipping into a pair of UGG boots, this Fleece has what it takes to stay warm this holiday season.

Not only is this fleece stylish, innovative, and of course warm, the team over at Free Fly designed this jacket with warmth as their #1 priority with their gridded channels incorporated, to retain heat. Lightweight and packable, it’s an awesome go-to jacket for transitional seasons and warm enough to layer up when mother nature spits its elements. Bonus: you’ll probably get a few compliments or “where’d you get that” if you’re on a call in the office!

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Men’s PFG Bahama™ II Long Sleeve Shirt

An iconic fishing shirt, this should be in your favorite angler’s rotating arsenal of tops. Lightweight and able to protect you from the sun with its Omni-Shade™ UPF 50 sun protection and quick dry material, this shirt from Columbia PFG is a must have. Other features include tabs to secure rolled-up sleeves, a rod holder helps keep your hands free, and four chest pockets store your small essentials.

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Skida Battenkill Brim Hat 

Designed in Vermont and made in the USA, Skida is a small brand that’s been absolutely crushing it in the outdoor space. Their new pattern on their classic five panel hat is inspired by the Battenkill river, which flows from VT into NY, is filled with brook trout, hence the inspiration behind their latest (and arguably greatest) pattern.

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Seager Wishin’ I Was A Fishin’  Tee

Seriously, wishin’ I was a fishin’. The fellas over at Seager just dropped their all-new fall ’23 lineup and boy oh boy they have some great looking apparel, hats, and accessories. While this tee stood out to our team, Seager has once again delivered quality merchandise for you or a loved one to rock this holiday season. Be sure to look at the fall ’23 drop by clicking HERE. Check out our time fishing with the boys from Seager by watching this video!

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Free Fly: Women’s All Day Legging

If you’re in the legging scene, you’ve probably run through a lot of them – so if you’re on the hunt for a pair that stand the test of time and activity, Free Fly’s All Day Leggings will be your new go-to favorite. An instant classic: They’re super buttery, but also have more durability than most soft leggings on the market. If you bring them to a hot yoga class, they’ll champion it without sticking to your legs, soaking wet (thank you moisture wicking) and in this colder season, they make you feel warm and protected on runs and never fall down. They move with you so well that you almost forget you have them on, but still don’t sacrifice any structure, integrity or comfortability. The black sand color is a really beautiful cloudy mid-navy, gray-blue color, and the high waistband is a huge bonus. If you’re in need of a new legging, these are the ones to snag! 

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Fish Flip Flop (Coddies)

At this point, why would we wear any other sandals? We aren’t above manifestation. Walk the fish, be the fish, get the fish. Be the life of the party with these classic Coddies. They come in a salmon pattern too – mens and women’s fit!

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Chums Floating Neo Keychain 

Nightmare fuel: You’ve had a long day on the water and you toss your keys from the boat to a buddy who’s going to run the shuttle. Oops – either your buddy isn’t athletic, your toss is sh*t or a gust of wind picked up – your keys are overboard. What better way to avoid panic than just having a floating key chain? Chums has got you covered. They also make floating wallets too – hey, it’s happened. Better safe than sorry! 

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Rumpl OG Puffy Blanket 

With the perfect amount of puff, lightweight and stuffable – these blankets from Rumpl make for the perfect travel companion. The amount of colors and patterns are endless, too. You can snag one with your favorite national park on it, or get a more subdued color to blend in with your surroundings. Camping or not, this blanket is a great thing to stuff in a backpack or keep in the back of your car for impromptu post fishing or hiking picnics, or if you just want to wrap it around you if you have a little chill. Our favorite feature of these blankets is that they come with a little clasp on two of the corners, so you can snap them together so your blanket can stay around your neck and shoulders, warming you up, while your arms and hands are free.

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Camelbak Rogue Light 70oz

Hydrate or die. Seriously. If you’re always on the go and you want to focus more on your footing and finding the fish than clamoring around in your back for your water bottle or even worse, accidentally dropping your YETI on some rocks and scaring every animal within a 10 mile radius – let’s step up our water game with the Camelbak Rogue Light – you get 70oz of water that fits seamlessly into a pack on your back. Simple. Focus on the fish, and grab that straw when you’re ready to rehydrate. (Comes in a mens and Womens fit)

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Benchmade Culinary Knife 

Chop chop, if you don’t have this Benchmade knife in your toolbox – you’re missing out. Made in the USA and customizable – it’s versatility makes it the best sous-chef on the market. It was built, manufactured and designed to perform and bring the magic from field to fork – it makes a great gift for the adventurous chef in your life. Check out the Culinary Knife from Benchmade this holiday season!

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Smithey No. 12 Skillet 

Heard, chef. This Smithey Skillet is the best of the best. A bestseller for good reason, this will take your dishes to the next level. With slightly more surface area than its predecessor, you’re going to want this cast iron for families of four, or if you just want to have leftovers. A polished interior finish, when this cast iron is seasoned, it is a natural non-stick that’s free of chemical coatings – unlike all your pans. From stovetop to campfire, this pan really holds it all.

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Costa King Tides 

Taking a whopping five years to develop, Costa knocked it out of the park with these 40th anniversary sunglasses. Made for any and every angler, the King Tide from Costa was introduced earlier this year and offers two different frame types: the six and the eight. The difference? The six offers a wider wrap, and the eight has a tighter-wrapped frame. Costa offers all the bells and whistles with the King Tide: their signature 580G polarized glass, removable side shields for optimal viewing on or off the water, a case and cleaning cloth. The King Tide 6 & 8 offers five different lens types, whether you’re offshore in blue water or fishing in lower light for trout. If someone in your family needs a new pair of shades this holiday season, anyone would be lucky to snag a pair of these. Want to learn more about the King Tide collection? Click HERE

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Turtlebox Speaker 

Hands down the best outdoor speaker on the market, Turtlebox’s are invincible. It’s lightweight, portable and durable. It’s waterproof, has a USB-C port to charge your phone, and the sound is clear as day. This bluetooth speaker has 20+ hours of battery life in one single charge. Bring it with you to the party and you’ll be the second most popular thing there – (after the Turtlebox Speaker). The Bottomland Edition from Turtlebox is one for the whole family or friend group ready to rock some tunes and have a great time!

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YETI Yonder 

YETI’S most lightweight water bottle to date: It’s customizable, comes in seven different colors and sizes from 20 oz – 50 oz. Staying true to their routes, the Yonder water bottle from YETI is BPA-free and 50% made of recycled plastic. It’s totally leakproof and its weight makes it the perfect hydration vessel to bring with you on your adventures.

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Breeo y Series

Someone say chill and grill? On a fire pit? Yup. Breeo has some incredible smokeless fire pits that allows you to hangout, cook, and relax around a campfire. A fan favorite from the Flylords team is the “Y” series from Breeo with its quick, easy, set-up alongside its smokeless features. The Y series is the perfect fire pit for camping, tailgating, backyard grillin’, or just relaxing on the deck. Be sure to check out the Y series from Breeo, a perfect way to spend an evening with family and friends!

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Afuera Coffee Company, Pacific Breeze, Medium Roast Coffee

Rise and shine, we’re headed fishing. Grab your morning joe, and let’s hit the road! Afuera Coffee Company has some great choices this holiday season, whether you have a coffee fanatic in your family, or you want to try something new. The Pacific Breeze, Medium Roast coffee from Afuera is ideal for the all-day every-day coffee drinker. In this medium roast enjoy blends of roasted almonds, cocoa, toffee, and tobacco, with mild acidity and a smooth finish. All the way from El Salvador, Afuera has a subscription based service where you can buy up to eight weeks of coffee or buy it singular, a great gift to give this holiday season!

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RUX Waterproof Bag

Whether in the duck blind or floating on a drift boat, the RUX Waterproof Bag emerges as an essential shield for your everyday necessities, regardless of the season. Constructed from lightweight, robust, and durable waterproof materials, the RUX Waterproof Bag is a blend of functionality and style – a tote-like bag designed to safeguard your valuables during aquatic adventures. At Flylords, we rely on this bag to preserve the dryness of our camera gear. When fishing from another person’s boat, we utilize its concealed compartment to store extra layers and clothing, ensuring accessibility and protection on the water, while not taking up too much space in others’ boats!

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Buff Neckwear

Phtoto by T. Wilkinson Ray

An unwavering classic, Buff Neckwear is seen from the slopes to the sea, and for good reason. Delivering UPF50 sun protection and wearable in more than 12 different ways, you can flip it, twist it, fold it – it’s got you covered in nearly any situation imaginale. Hot, cold, windy, sunny, any activity it’s there to offer protection with the utmost amount of comfort. 

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Grundens Boundary Wader (Mens + Womens) 

The color. The fit. The engineering. Grundens new Boundary Wader was designed with GORE-TEX Pro Wader Laminate to give you unparalleled freedom of movement both in and out the water. They rebuilt a classic by removing seams in the usual high wear areas, and took inspiration from how climbing harnesses are built to create the most comfortable suspender system possible. This wader has an anatomically shaped neoprene stockingfoot constructed with two innovative titanium coating layers that reflect body heat back to your feet for cold water comfort and warmth. Yep, you read that right – these waders? You need them. 

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Dyna-King Barracuda Deluxe Fly Tying Vise 


Elevate the fly tying experience for the angler in your life with the Dyna-King Barracuda Deluxe Fly Tying Vise—a masterpiece of precision craftsmanship that makes for an exceptional holiday gift. Boasting a sturdy construction for stability and a versatile design accommodating various hook sizes, this vise is a true work of art. Its sleek and durable build, coupled with a user-friendly rotary feature and adjustable head angle, ensures comfort and ease of use. Whether crafting small dry flies or large streamers, the Barracuda Deluxe provides a steadfast and stable platform, allowing for 360-degree rotation to tackle intricate patterns with precision. Gift the joy of creativity and a tool that stands out on any fly tying bench—give the Dyna-King Barracuda Deluxe for a holiday season filled with fly fishing passion.

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Yakoda Convertible Utility Pack 

Nine colorways/patterns, designed, tested and made in Colorado – the Yakoda Convertible Utility Pack is as versatile as the people that wear it. It can be worn as a hip pack, used as a sling or converted to a chest pack. When you’re not wearing it any of those ways, it can be attached to a backpack for additional storage or you can mount it to the frame of your boat to organize your gear. It’s got a main compartment for your essentials: snacks, extra layer, fly boxes – and a pair of interior and mesh pockets, a clear pocket, and two more compartments to stash your extras (phone, wallet, license, etc.) Also comes with a tippet holder and adapter, as well as a removable shoulder strap.

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Tornado Anchors 

Tornado Anchor’s goal is to actually think about the design and performance of your anchor. They want to keep lead out of river and greater aquatic ecosystems and reduce your anchors’ drag through the river cobble and gravel. They’ve designed their anchors to do just that. Their anchors are not made with lead and have steel plates around a center axis that clips directly to your anchor rope system. When employed, the plates move freely and create more bite, holding your watercraft securely in place. Compared to traditional anchors, from chain to lead pyramid to other lead-free designs, the Tornado Anchor is simply better. They’ve got 9 different models to pick what works best for you. Made in the USA.

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B&W Trailer Hitch 

B&W Hitch close up

Truly the last hitch you’ll ever need, a B&W. They’re adjustable, stowable, versatile and supremely secure. By pulling two pins, you can adjust the height, and when you’re not using it you can easily stow it behind the bumper. It’s really user friendly and can accommodate all your trailer coupler sizes. Truly a do-it-all trailer hitch, anyone who gets this as a gift will be more than stoked. 

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Levrack Storage System 

Unlock your organization with a Levrack. Here at Flylords we utilize a Levrack storage system for all of our camera gear, waders, fly rods, merch, and more. Needless to say, this is a great piece of equipment that keeps all of us sane while working from the office, a consolidated point where all of our gear is organized for our next outing. Available in five different models, keep your gear off the garage floor, kitchen, or truck bed and start your organization with a Levrack.

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Riversmith 2-BANGER 

Safeguarding the essentials – your time, gear, and experience – that’s the essence of Riversmith. Our team has rigorously tested the River Quiver over years, spanning both seasons of the Fly Shop Tour, local creeks, and exploring water nationwide.

The River Quiver stands out as the Fly Fisherman’s ultimate companion, ensuring your rods are safe, secure, and ready to fish. What distinguishes the River Quiver is its versatility; it’s not confined to freshwater fishing alone. Crafted with materials, compatibility, and hardware tailored for the harshest conditions, it accommodates large arbor saltwater reels for those navigating the flats as well. Beyond its indestructible design, Riversmith boasts the exclusive distinction of offering various mounting options within the River Quiver. A crowd pleaser at Flylords is the Quick Release Mounts – a reliable choice for anglers requiring swift attachment or detachment to crossbars in a matter of seconds. Did we mention that the River Quiver is unrivaled as the safest and most durable rod transportation carrier in the market? Indeed.

This year, Riversmith unveiled the signature “ShortCut” River Quiver along with mounts designed for truck beds, eliminating the need for crossbars or a truck topper and making the benefits of a River Quiver accessible to truck drivers, a win-win. 

For those seeking the optimal method to transport their fly rods, explore the Riversmith River Quiver. Available in four distinctive color-ways and tailored lengths for specific applications, it makes for an exceptional holiday season gift for you or your loved ones.

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Simms Freestone Zip Wader 

A new year might mean a new set of waders. Here at Flylords we’ve worn countless pairs of waders over the years all over the world. Simms’ Freestone Zip Wader is a great companion to the angler that fishes all waters. Loaded with smart features and built for years of abuse, the Freestone Z wader from Simms is a great gift to give this holiday season.

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Airflo Premium Nylon Tippet:

For anyone into fly fishing, opting for tippet is a reliable choice. Airflo offers an impressive selection of tippet ranging from 1x (12.5lb) to 7x (2.2lb), including half sizes in between. Airflo’s Nylon tippet excels in subtly navigating micro seams and currents, reducing noticeable drag for the most delicate presentations. In larger diameters, it demonstrates the resilience of a street fighter, capable of enduring multiple rounds without giving in.

What sets Airflo apart is their commitment to sustainability, evident in their recycling program. They utilize recycled fishing materials for tippet spools, fly lines, and other accessories. Airflo not only simplifies the process of finding the right tippet with their comprehensive range but also enhances user convenience by color-coding each spool to facilitate quick identification of the required tippet type.

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Sage Foundation Outfit 

Embarking on your fly fishing journey? The Sage Foundation Outfit is an all-in-one, ready-to-go package designed to get you casting on the water without delay. This comprehensive kit includes various rods and reel sizes tailored for diverse fishing approaches. Whether you’re after brookies on the east coast or gearing up for an adventure chasing big Musky, the Sage Foundation Outfit has you covered.

With options ranging from a light four weight to an eight weight, the Sage Foundation Outfit features a high-performance blank (Graphite IIIe). The Foundation’s fast action rod delivers exceptional casting power and seamless control, representing the core attributes that define a Sage rod—performance that elevates your fishing experience to new heights. If your loved one is venturing into the world of fly fishing, simplify their journey with the Sage Foundation Outfit—a perfect combination of rod, reel, and line for a memorable holiday season on the water.

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Ross Evo FS Reel 

Crafted to stand as the most durable reel in the Ross collection, the Evolution FS Fly Reel is equipped to handle a broad spectrum of angling scenarios, from single-handed or two-handed freshwater pursuits to formidable saltwater challenges.

Presenting options in both light four to five weight and 9-10 weight configurations, this reel possesses the versatility to pursue small brookies in winding creeks, feisty fish with articulated streamers, or pursue the elusive permit on saltwater flats. Offered in Matte Black or Matte Platinum, the Ross Evolution FS Fly Reel is meticulously designed to excel in a diverse range of fishing environments, a great gift to give this holiday season. 

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Abel Nippers 

Crafted for chaos, the Abel Nippers are where it’s at. Never buy another pair of nippers again–these nippers are the best of the best, hands down. Improved from when they debuted back in ‘07, the nipper took the same principle but Abel listened to their customers’ feedback. 

The latest iteration of the nipper embraces the same core principle while integrating innovative ergonomics, type III anodized bodies, and a revolutionary magnetic “spring.” By utilizing two sets of rare earth magnets, this design ensures the jaws remain open, eliminating concerns about corrosion-prone hinges. Additionally, these magnets serve as a dependable “fly dock,” providing a convenient spot to attach your flies during rigging. With three body color options and a comprehensive array of solid gloss colors on the central scale, you have the freedom to select from over 54 distinct combinations. If you or a loved one are looking for just the right gift, check out the Abel Nippers. 

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Orvis Pro Waterproof Hip Pack

Customers talked and Orvis listened: They’ve given their Pro Waterproof Hip Pack some major surgery, and it is now a team favorite. This pack is truly waterproof, has an insane amount of storage space (10L) that houses anything from fly boxes, tippet to other gear and evenly distributes the weight across your hips, leaving you free to focus on the important things (bushwhacking, rowing, casting, etc). This pack has the easy-access and patented Tippet Whipper docking station with some new upgrades, a net scabbard with tool docking on one hip panel and a mesh pocket on the other, a fly drying patch and oh so much more. Waterproof, lightweight and non-bulky, this pack is about to be your favorite angler’s go-to. 

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Redington Crosswater Youth Waders

Bring the little ones, and inspire them to conserve the waters we love most. Introducing the Crosswater Youth Waders from Redington. Built for the kids. Finding waders for the little ones can be a challenge; however, Redington has changed the game for the kids that just want to keep exploring. Quit hitting the water alone, bring your little one, and create memories from bank to bank with the Redington Crosswater Youth Waders. Note, there are also the Crosswater Youth Wading Boots as well!

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NRS Fishing PFD 

PFD’s, Life jackets, PDF’s whatever you want to call ‘em, rock your float fishing game with the best safety piece on the river from NRS Fishing. Whether you’re drifting down a picturesque stream, or sight fishing for reds on a SUP, the NRS Fishing Chinook PFD is one of the only “decked out” personal floatation devices you can get your hands on. Talk about storage–this piece has all the bells and whistles you need. The mesh-lower back offers added ventilation on hot summer days and features two large-zippered pockets to fit fly boxes, tippet, leaders, or even a fishing license and ALSO comes in four different colors.

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Sea Run Cobalt Norfolk QR Expedition Case 

It’s no secret that the cases from Sea Run are a Flylords favorite. Tried and tested, we’ve taken our gear in these secure cases all around the world. Ultralight and armored with a patented double wall composite and three TSA-compliant combination locks, no one is getting into your goods but you. This case fits 4-6 4-piece fly rods (9’6”) and can also fit up to 6 fly reels and or fly boxes. With a limited lifetime warranty, this piece of gear is a no-brainer. Designed to be secure, ultra strong, and compact – the Norfolk Cobalt QR Expedition is tailored for serious fly fishing anglers who demand nothing but the best. 

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onWater App subscription 

If you ask us, this is the gift of the season. Developed by anglers and professionals FOR anglers and professionals, the onWater app knows what it’s doing. Using this app, you can spend more time fishing and less time trying to figure out where to fish. With new states and water bodies added weekly, this is the tool for any and all anglers. For $49.99/year, this app enables you to do it all: Locate tributaries, check points of interest, boat ramps, campground and all private and public property boundaries. You can utilize their notifications feature to get alerted when coming up on the takeout or on that tricky set of rapids. With their dynamic 3D base map and an all new user interface, there’s not a unique tool in the app to quickly find water bodies that hold your targeted species. The team at onWater has also significantly improved their offline maps feature for better speeds, map clarity and functionality even deep in the backcountry. Whether it’s a trip to the backcountry or your local creek, onWater puts smarter, self-reliant fishing into the palm of your hand – making it the perfect gift for your favorite angler. 

Trip to Bay Flats Lodge 

Are you currently in Texas or ever wanted to visit? A trip to Bay Flats Lodge is in order. Right on the Texas coast, where else can you land a fish on the fly, hunt 13 duck species and come home to a fresh plate of bay shrimp all in the same day? This place has expert guides, top of the line boats and incredible access for you to spot numerous species of waterfowl and game fish in the vast San Antonio bay system. Any and all levels of experience are welcomed here, and with more than 100,000 acres of protected national wildlife reserve, the bay boasts an incredible amount of biodiversity which makes the shorelines, wetlands and beaches rich in marine wildlife. Book your trip today!

Casey Underwood 

Casey Underwood is one of those artists that just never gets old. Decals sorted by species A-Z, Underwood has a bunch of incredible decals from Bluegill to Tarpon. Not only are his decals eye-catching, Underwood has prints, drinkware, and apparel he sells featuring his talented artwork. Looking for stocking stuffers, or something to throw in a holiday greetings card, take a look at some of his awesome work and his Trout Sticker Pack!

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Cody Richardson

Cody’s Fish are really one of a kind. We’re eyeing this Colorado vintage trout piece, but he makes them in all different species with different license plates. These pieces are perfect for the Colorado lover. Cody asks that you allow 3-4 weeks for custom creation and delivery. All trout are 35”x21.” A perfect piece of art to hang around your house, get your order in ASAP!

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Oskar Blues Dales Light Lager Beer 

Yes, Oskar Blues counts as an experience. Lighten up – this beer is here to get you through the holiday season without feeling like a piece of trash. 95 calories with an aroma that’s brisk with malt, grain and mild floral hops – this beer pours bright and clear with a little light honeysuckle backdrop. Try it out for yourself… We think it pairs well with the sounds of the river and clicking cans with a few chosen members of your family or friends. Order a case here or find a dealer near you.

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What did we miss? Feel free to drop a comment, or send us an email at taylor@theflylords.com or nelson@theflylords.com if you have questions about any of these products!

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