A note from Jerome Saunders:

“Banana trout, golden trout, yellow trout, golden nugget… A beloved child is known by many names, just like these trout. And here’s why!”

“Taking a break from guiding, I indulged in a day of fishing, and this particular day was no exception. The plan was to fish at Banana lake and try my luck with dry fly fishing. Employing a stealthy approach, utilizing long leaders and small flies, often proves successful. The lake was serene that day, teeming with bugs and risers. After exploring the lake for a while, I spotted a fish rising far out. Swiftly, I pulled line out of the reel and prepared for the cast. Despite reaching the area with just a bare minimum of 30 meters, it proved sufficient. A massive head emerged from the water, and I set the hook, leading to an intense battle of long runs. It was nerve-wracking with a 0.15mm tippet, but it held up, and this is the remarkable fish I caught!”

“On a tranquil lake, amidst rising trout and swarming midges, the key to success on this particular day was employing long leaders and small flies, coupled with a stealthy approach. It was this winning combination that allowed me to outsmart this truly colossal trout. This experience perfectly encapsulates what Banana lake is all about!”

Angler Story of the Week from Jerome Saunders, be sure to check out his Instagram @saunders.flyfishing. 

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