In this Video of the Week, we head over to New Zealand to catch up with Gareth Bayliss of Trout Hunting NZ. Gian and Gareth head over to one of their favorite rivers to throw streamers for some monster rainbow and brown trout this time. Streamer fishing is a very prevalent tactic for us here in the US but is still a very new concept in New Zealand. In the past, Gareth has used an assortment of gamechanger flies but in this video, they lose his last gamechanger and tie on the one and only Sex Dungeon. Probably one of the most well-known but most effective streamer patterns. So sit down and enjoy as the Kiwis get a taste of what Kelly Galloups’ sex dungeon can accomplish on aggressive New Zealand trout.

Gareth Bayliss is Trout Hunting NZ he is a YouTuber, Creator & Fly Fishing Guide in New Zealand. From south island adventures to breaking down his local waters Gareth is always searching for his next adventure and fish. Make sure to follow along with his adventures here: @Trouthuntingnz

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