A note from Max Kantor:

“The prime season in Tierra del Fuego spans four months and ends with more fish moving into the Menendez tributary of the Rio Grande. Sea-run brown trout are hyper aware of their environment and long downstream presentations are key with both single and double hand rods.

This year, after guests had departed, myself and fellow guide Leandro (@lherrainz) went to check a few key spots in the tributary. The water was low, necessitating light leaders and quiet casts. Once hooked, these big males run straight for structure scattered throughout the river, but with a bit of luck and constant side pressure we managed to land a true sea-run monster!

Fish over 20lbs are considered trophies, although like this one, they do get larger. Of all the anadromous fish, sea-run browns are able to travel back and forth between the ocean and rivers the most times and all are released to successfully spawn after the season closes for fishing at the end of April.”

Angler Story of the Week from Max Kantor. Follow him and his fishing adventures on Instagram at @max_kantor. Photos by Leandro Herrainz. 

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