In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Aardvark McLeod Fly Fishing ties a mayfly dry fly that every angler should have in their box this spring, the March Brown.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Easy

Spring temps have arrived and are driving those lethargic trout to look up. This time of year is a personal favorite of mine, as it brings opportunities that have been dormant all winter. Insects begin to find some life again, and those larger bugs become active as the water temperatures increase. The March Brown is a dry fly that every angler should have in their arsenal this spring when those sizeable mayflies start popping.

Compared to some dries that use posts, dubbing loops, and complicated techniques, this is a simple tie. For beginning tyers, the most difficult part will be proportions and making sure the feathers you use are not too long. Take your time when selecting the right hackles, as this will ensure your March Brown does not look like a spey fly. Tie a few different variations of this pattern and you’ll be sure to fool even the pickiest of trout.

Although meant to be fished as a dry, this pattern could imitate a submerged adult in the foam. For selectively feeding trout, this is a fantastic pattern tied with naturals that will land softly and imitate the real deal. The best guides in the world have the utmost confidence in naturals and for good reason, productivity. Fish the March Brown dry fly this spring and watch the magic unfold on the surface.


Now you know how to tie the March Brown!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Aardvark McLeod Fly Fishing.


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