Last Fall, the Flylords team put our wheels to the pavement and headed out on a month-long, 5-state tour of the American West, to visit some of our favorite fly-shops. The mission in mind? To spread the word about fly shops’ importance within the fly-fishing culture.

Despite encountering a string of unfortunate events, we found ourselves stranded in a Walmart parking lot in Montana with no contingency plan in mind. The Sage Van, our trusted companion, was engulfed in billowing white smoke, leaving us with no alternative but to opt for a rental car to complete the tour. Nevertheless, undeterred by these challenges, we pressed on with the show, and we are thrilled to announce that the Sage Van has been restored to its former glory and is now ready to hit the road, coming soon to a town near you! Check out what happened in Episode three: STRANDED in Montana!

Don’t miss out on the complete “Fly Shop Tour” series, available on YouTube. Experience the excitement by clicking HERE to dive into all the episodes.

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