Tying A Christmas Tree Fly Ornament With Svend Diesel


What is Christmas without the centerpiece of a tree? Whether it’s a modest Charlie Brown tree or the grand one standing tall in New York City, you can’t leave it naked without ornaments. That’s why Svend consistently crafts something delightful that perfectly embodies the spirit of the season, and this year he nailed it with this awesome ornament!

Beyond injecting a twist into the fly-tying culture, he offers a creation that you can fashion your tree and cherish for years to come! Or, tie a few up and gift them to your fishy friends this holiday season! Immerse yourself in this fantastic tutorial and master the art of tying your very own Christmas Tree Fly!

Be sure to follow Erik on Instagram @svenddiesel; you won’t want to miss some of the flies he twists up or the warm meals he cooks, it’s pretty impressive.

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